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Radio advertising on Atlantis is extremely effective! 


Tailor made Advertising Campaigns on Atlantis  

At Atlantis we understand that every business is different and therefore should be treated as such. Our team of Advertising Consultants understand the importance of individual client needs and are dedicated to delivering one thing .. RESULTS!

If you would like to discuss this in greater detail simply contact Atlantis Sales today, so we can discuss a unique campaign for your unique business. 


In the Tenerife areas where Atlantis is available on FM receivers, there are a very large number of people listening - We know this because we constantly have email and text messages from a large cross section of the local population as well as visitors to the island, plus Atlantis is heard playing in venues where our mostly music format of international hits is appropriate – Hotel Receptions,Bars, Cafes, Restaurants, Taxi Cabs, Buses & Coaches.

Atlantis is the primary choice in Tenerife for friendly and informative content combined with great songs every hour. Increasingly we are also the first choice for local businesses when considering an advertising campaign on radio.

Six Good Reasons for choosing Atlantis for your radio advertising campaign:


Atlantis is produced in Tenerife and has a large, loyal family of regular listeners in Tenerife, throughout the Canaries and across Spain and the UK.

Atlantis has been broadcasting online and via FM to the multi-cultural cosmopolitan area of south and west Tenerife since 2006.

Atlantis targets the more mature end of the population spread with a carefully formulated mix of music taken from the 1960s to the best of the present day. Our Presentation style is mature and informed, with regular features based around the music we play.

Atlantis delivers a strong FM signal reaching the key Tenerife population centres that advertisers want to reach and our signal coverage extends to the nearby islands of La Gomera and El Hierro. We stream our programmes online in high quality stereo for listening across the whole of Tenerife, the Canary islands, Spain and the United Kingdom.

•The Atlantis local news service is second to none – we have developed a team of news-stringers feeding us with local stories and topics which really matter to those who live, visit and work in Tenerife.  This includes regular interviews and information from the British Consulate.

Atlantis broadcasts world news around the clock (from FSN and Sky) together with full weather updates throughout the peak hours of 0800 to 2000.

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